About Us

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PayMyDoctor was founded in 2015 to bring convenience and efficiency to medical billing payments. Our founders had a vision to create a centralized platform where patients could easily manage and pay all their healthcare bills without needing to create accounts at multiple hospital systems or provider offices.

After initially building solutions to integrate with existing legacy systems at various large hospital networks, PayMyDoctor pivoted to focus directly on the patient’s needs by enabling payments regardless of where care was received. We allow customers to simply search for their provider and pay their bill instantly, 24/7. This flexibility and ease of use revolutionized the fragmented healthcare billing space.

Over the past 7 years, we have partnered with over 500 hospitals and 40,000 clinics to enable payments from customers across the country directly to their healthcare providers. We now process millions in medical bills annually and have become the trusted payment platform for healthcare, with a reputation for exceptional customer service and security.

Our Values

  • Trust – We build confidence through reliability, integrity and transparency with every customer interaction. Patients trust us with sensitive health and financial information which we treat with the utmost care.
  • Empowerment – We put power in the hands of patients. No more waiting on hold or tracking down bills. We make it simple for you to take control.
  • Innovation – As healthcare evolves, so do we. We continually improve with user-focused design and use technology thoughtfully to solve problems.
  • Service – Exceptional support is our standard. Our team goes above and beyond to deliver helpful, human service.
  • Giving Back – Improving lives drives us. We donate a percentage of profits to provide healthcare access to underserved groups.


Our diverse leadership team combines decades of experience across healthcare, finance and technology. With varied backgrounds from leading multinational corporations as well as pioneering startups, our team has the knowledge and capabilities to drive continued innovation. Under their guidance, PayMyDoctor has established itself as an industry leader that has set the standard for how healthcare payments should function.

PayMyDoctor has widened the smile on the patient's face

As we expand capabilities and enhance our platform, our leadership continues to ensure our solutions directly reflect patient needs for simple, seamless financial experiences. We maintain a staunch commitment to our core values as we help more people easily manage their care.


While our platform can accept payments from customers to nearly any provider in the United States, we also maintain strong strategic partnerships with select health systems. These partnerships allow us to integrate digital payment solutions directly into hospital workflows as well as develop customized premium capabilities to service shared customers better.

Our partner strategy provides added value for all ecosystem stakeholders. Patients benefit from a unified payment experience. Providers reduce back-office payment processing costs while accelerating the timing of receiving funds. And PayMyDoctor.com gains helpful insights from partners to continue innovating payment solutions tailored for care provider settings.

As we pursue additional cutting-edge offerings like financing plans, real-time payment platforms and analytics on longitudinal spending, partnership opportunities help fuel our product roadmap. We approach each potential partnership with a spirit of openness and collaboration which has proven essential for enhancing our mutual success.

The Next Chapter

As PayMyDoctor continues maturing into the market-leading medical payments company, the coming years will bring exciting developments that reinforce our patient-first approach centered around simplicity.

Capabilities launching soon empower customers to split healthcare bills into manageable monthly installments at affordable rates to ease financial burdens. Integrations into emerging real-time payment ecosystems will allow funds settlement directly at the time of care. And continued optimizations of our machine learning algorithms provide relevant savings opportunities to customers when paying bills.

While innovation lies ahead, our commitment remains to the vision set since day one – making medical payments a fast, straightforward experience so patients can focus on their health. We’ll never lose sight of the human element behind each transaction or bill. Underpinning it all is support from our best-in-class service team, ready to help customers anytime as we jointly navigate the journey towards payment simplification.